Best ERP software for small businesses in India
Best ERP software for small businesses in India
July 5, 2021
Cloud ERP Software
Cloud ERP Software
July 5, 2021
Best project management tools for startups

If you have gone through it, you would know that project management is not an easy task. When it comes to startups, project management comes into play. A single person or a new team can’t handle it. It would be best if you had efficient software that poses a solution to all of your problems. Our today’s article will answer the query that what are the best project management tools for startups.


Best Project Management Tools for Startups


In project management, you monitor and manage all the work done by your team, manage time and carry accountability. You will need to spearhead the project by assessing the performance of the team and the progress going on in a project. To make everything work smoothly and divide lessen the burden, effective executives use advanced tools which perform all that work. Let me introduce you to some of these tools.


1. Teamwork

Teamwork is deemed to be one of the best project management software by entrepreneurs. It manages your team, adds collaboration, and streamlines the workflow to make everything easy. Teamwork also performs various project management tasks like tracking, billing, estimates, milestones, taskboard, and more. That’s what makes it one of the best project management tools for startups.

It works perfectly well with businesses of all sizes and makes team management an easy task for you. It tracks time and logs billable and non-billable hours and provides users the opportunity to track log time individually. What makes it exciting is that it’s free for the usage of up to 5 persons. It also works in combination with Trello, Slack, Basecamp, Youtube, and many other applications.


2. Slack

You will find some people arguing that slack isn’t a project management tool, but yes, slack offers a project manager for efficient working of a team. This makes it a better project management software. Slacks integrate with google drive and many other platforms allowing users to share, access the files on the slack workplace.

Here on slack, multiple channels are available that provide a good mode of communication between users and team members. Alack is an incredible tool that can be efficiently used to handle more than one project. It’s a fantastic team platform as team members can share and access data with comfort.


3. Wrike

Wrike is a full-fledge project management software that enhances collaboration among teams and carries out the project highly organized to increase productivity and achieve deadlines. The app divides the tasks into different hierarchies that comfortably break up the project into smaller parts to make it easier.

It keeps you up to date by reporting you about performance and improving productivity. It makes everything easier and makes chat among team members comfortable. Some people complain it to be a bit cluttered. It can be hard for you if you are using it the first time.


4. Trello

Trello is another very effective, popular, and free project management software. It has an easy user interface that consists of cards and columns. These cards   carry tasks making workflow move from left to right. When a team member does a job, he marks the completion date in the card and places the card on the next step to keep work going.

When it comes to tracking, Trello doesn’t offer a tracking system of tasks. Trello is super convenient for startups and keeps improving its features with time.


5. Podio

Podio is a much-loved project management tool cloud-based and has earned accolades from its beginning in 2009. It also claims to be the best tool for project management and handling startups. It has a wide user base that ranges above 500000 teams and is used by all kinds of organizations and business teams across the globe. Posio is divided into hierarchies to manage tasks.

It divides the workplace organization, workspaces, apps, and items. The organization connects all the employees that are working for a team. Workspaces refer to the groups that are working on specific projects. Through apps, an overview of the overall productivity is taken and at last items that can be a single task or project.


6. Asana

Asana has made a good name in project management in the recent past and earned a good reputation among entrepreneurs. The system of Asana is very effective and allows the admin to create tasks individually or for teams. Asana has a user-friendly dashboard that displays the projects, teams’ chats, and performance. It’s also available on the mobile phone so that managers can have an easy check on what’s going on.

Asana software consists of multiple modules like my list that allow users to manage and assign tasks and monitor performance easily. It can also break tasks into subtasks to make workflow easy and convenient. Files can easily be shared among team members. Its free version includes all the basic tools that are required for effectively managing a startup.


7. Nifty

Nifty is another great project management software that is rising on the top of the list of best project management tools for startups. It provides the best solutions to the teams that foster collaboration and enhance efficiency. In the end, it makes you a better project manager. In nifty, users can filter out different milestones and tasks. And team members can assign individual tasks to various members. File storage also allows members to share the data.

Nifty integrate with google drive, google calendar, Slack, Trello, YouTube, and many other apps. As it’s a new product in the market, nifty is still working on its features. It’s deficient in some of the things that other players in the market have. It doesn’t have the option to produce Gant charts or show a performance tracking dashboard


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