Best CRM software for small businesses in India
Best CRM software for small businesses in India
July 5, 2021
Best project management tools for startups
Best project management tools for startups
July 5, 2021
Best ERP software for small businesses in India

ERP is a comprehensive online system to manage and runs companies in digitalized manner. But small enterprises that don’t have any department prefer to use paper and pen than using software to run their affairs. It happens because most ERPs are not suitable for this class of small businesses. For software to bode well for medium and small-scale enterprises, there must be some variances. Today we will talk about the best ERP software for small businesses in India.

Small businesses and manufacturing units don’t require a gigantic system to control everything. They need a scalable architecture with suitable tools to manipulate reports and other few tasks. To fulfil their need, below, I will list some best ERP software for small enterprises that will help run them smoothly and increase their efficiency. So follow me for the best ERP software for small businesses.


Why someone needs ERP software


By surveying the local industries of India, we came to know that manufacturers are despondent about ERP. Some misconceptions and some low-quality software have tarnished the image of ERP in their mind. But it is necessary to nullify all these false notions that despite spending huge money on ERP, it doesn’t work well. To visualize any loophole in business, one needs graphs, charts,  and visual display so the model can be rectified.

This is the main function of an ERP. It will assess the ups and downs in your business and tell you where you are lagging behind others and what is obstructing your business growth. There is plenty of free ERP cloud software available. You can start with them. Below is some best and renowned ERP software used by successful businesses and can also prove effective in searching for the best ERP software for small business in India.


Best ERP software for small business in India


In search of the best ERP software for small in India, I jumped from one blog to another and from one software review. So here I am presenting you with some best CRM software.


1. ERP Next

ERP is said to be one of the top ERP software in the Indian manufacturing industry. It’s an open-source platform with great software architecture. It’s a strong contender as it fits well with almost all of the manufacturing businesses. It integrates all the functions under a single platform and enables industrialists to control their business from the cloud. This open-end software is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

ERP is a user-friendly tool that provides the user with a friendly interface to access different modules, forms, and reports easily. ERP Next partners the organization that needs consultancy and provides support to them. According to, 2840 websites globally using ERP next. In addition, 1340 live websites and 107 websites in India are using ERP next.


2. TECH cloud ERP

Tech loud ERP is a sign of innovation in the Indian manufacturing industry. It’s a tech ERP that is cloud-based and provides a platform for newly born businesses to grow. Tech cloud is one of the best ERP software because of its advanced features, fast functioning and integrated design. As it’s cloud-based, you can access the data and run the company from anywhere and anytime. Tech ERP allows you to add unlimited users and with full provision of rights and permissions.

Following are some features of tech cloud ERP

  • Customizable and user-friendly ERP
  • Support and flexible price for users
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • The engaging graphic user interface which also supports mobile devices
  • Freedom of open source
  • It’s a lifetime product with full customization and enterprise edition with no renewal.
  • A lightweight software that sits well with various industries


3. Dskera ERP

Deskera is another trusted ERP cloud system in India that is showing its mettle. It has won multiple awards for its excellent performance in assisting small and medium-sized businesses to flourish. Deskera includes all the modules that integrate the cloud services. Organizations can use these modules to their benefit. It has a robust integration of modules and an unhindered flow of information between these modules that are interconnected.

Deskera has the following features.

  • It accelerates the core purchasing process.
  • Manage suppliers and vendors
  • It manages the item master
  • It optimizes the product process cycle
  • Manage inventory
  • And manage customer complaints
  • It also contains the EOD operation checklist
  • It effectively performs financial reporting
  • In the end, it tracks everything, including movement history.



In small businesses, the process is divided into several segments, so one needs to manage all the details differently. Due to this, different models need different solutions. To check whether pro-ERP fits with your business or not, you can avail 15 days free trial, and if It does, you can continue straight away. It is deemed a good option in search of the best ERP software for small businesses in India. Pro ERP Contains the following modules for the service of its customer.

  • It includes CRM modules.
  • It performs effective purchase management.
  • Planning of production
  • Accounting
  • Supply chain distribution
  • And Many more


5. TCSion

TCSion is a famous product of TATA consultancy services limited. TCSion is a full-fledged cloud ERP software that is a comprehensive solution for small enterprises in India. It’s fully suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Being a trusted product, TCSion has a wide base in India, and companies other than micro-enterprises can use it.

TCSio is the first cloud-based ERP software in India. It’s perfectly designed for automotive and manufacturing industries and small component manufacturers.


How can Recruit Sol help you?


Our company recruitsol have only one purpose: serving the visitors and providing the best information they need about organizational management through different software to increase industrial productivity and corporate growth. We intend to skyrocket the revenues of small and medium scale enterprises and facilitate the entrepreneurs. If you need any consultancy regarding this, feel free to contact us.


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