Benefits of ERP
Benefits of ERP
July 5, 2021
Best ERP software for small businesses in India
Best ERP software for small businesses in India
July 5, 2021
Best CRM software for small businesses in India

Starting a business in India is highly profitable in such a conducive environment of economic sprawl. When you start a business by taking a step forward, managing your clients and informational data isn’t complex. But after the gradual expansion of the company. If you old methods like sticky notes and registers, I’m pretty sure you will end up in a mess.

To solve this, you need CRM customer relationship management software that will manage all of your business stats and customer behavior. Business development and achieving your goals is an incredible achievement. CRM provides you essential support for business growth. Here you most people ask about the Best CRM software for small businesses in India.  In this article, I will list some best CRM software for small businesses.

What is the function of CRM software?


Technology is being utilized in every sector of life today for the service of humanity. It would be best if you had software for consulting about your business and outsourcing the data gathering of your business.

CRM is simply a tool to improve relations with customers by realigning your business model with customer requirements provided by the software. This plays a vital role in the retention of customers. It also increases customer loyalty and helps in winning back the previous customers.

If you still find yourself in doubt, you need to know that the CRM Software market is the biggest globally, and its growth won’t halt shortly. Companies and business modes, regardless of their size, are using CRM software for consulting. CRM software provides a more customized and personalized way to streamline their business process towards their customer expectations. Now let’s have a look at the Best CRM software for small businesses in India.


Best CRM software for Small Businesses in India


Are you looking for a viable and Best CRM software for small businesses in India? Then, you are on the right page. In the following few paragraphs, I will name and give a brief detail of some Best CRM Software for small businesses in India.


1. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot offers a free CRM with a lot of business-friendly features. Its effectiveness and fascinating features made it stand top on this list of Best CRM software for small businesses in India. It provides its customers magical features like company insights, dashboard, pipeline management, and deal tracking. It also enables its user company to schedule meetings, email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, and live chat.

When it comes to pricing, Hubspot offers this software free of cost forever. However, if you want to access its advanced features, you need to put money out of your pocket.


2. EngageBay CRM

Engagebay CRM is host to the total fledge products that will completely automate the different processes in your business. Software is a robust product that features many desirable things to efficiently manage and accommodate contacts, monitor sales performance and automate the various functions and communication with the customers.

It helps the company to consolidate the relationship with the customer. The software sets well with any of the business models. This customizable software provides the luxury to plan, execute and find the best solutions needed for a successful venture. It offers a range of desirable features like creating campaigns, monitoring the company funnel, scheduling, improving, and detailed insights.

EngageBAy CRM combines multiple process management that best fits with your business model. It properly guides you about your specific lead that how you can increase the customer base experience. A free trial is available; give it a check by visiting the below website.



Zoho is a top-rated business software and can be regarded as the Best CRM software for small businesses in India.  Zoho will remove your tension of business management by optimizing sales activities, tracking the leads by closing the deals at a rapid pace. Software is embedded with robust features, including increased sales productivity, enhanced sales performance, automation, and enterprise readiness.

Besides this, it offers multichannel communication by extensively customizing itself. It is the guarantee of your business growth. It is the solution that business people and entrepreneurs are searching for to engage with clients through several channels. This intelligent software allows you to articulate the necessary data from business shows, webinars, and trade shows.


4. Freshworks CRM

Another good CRM software that will manage your business with 100% effectiveness will give you results in business growth. A personalized and highly customized software that calculates your product’s marketing and sales trends and does and comprehensive analysis to produce viable business solutions. It embeds Artificial intelligence that filter out credible lead and boosts your customer engagement.

It combines various features like contact lifestyle stage management, opportunity, pipeline management, email marketing, and customer contract management. It features a lead generation AI bot, auto profile enrichment, deal insights, instant reports, and forecasting. It integrates platforms like social media, G suite, Hubspot marketing, and many other outlets.


5. Freshsales CRM

New tools are a unique CRM software that includes all the standard tools that a CRM Software must be equipped with and can efficiently manage more than one lead at a single time. It is installed with advanced tools like call recording, call routing, auto-dialers, and affiliate management. The system is designed to distribute the leads into communication channels.

Additionally, it provides you the authorization to track the customer’s emails and check whether the customer has read them or not. One of the essential features that make new sales the best CRM software for small businesses in India is reading past conversations. So you can use the information to your advantage.


6. Maple CRM

Maple CRM is a popular software worldwide. It’s very suitable and the Best CRM software for small businesses in India. It projects a very comprehensive view of product sales and marketing performance. The product articulates the data effectively that can be used to improve the relations with customers.

Maple comes with a bunch of desirable features that will surely increase productivity and business profits. For example, it performs various tasks like lead assignment, workflow automation, team management, and access control.

Website:  Maple

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