Best project management tools for startups
Best project management tools for startups
July 5, 2021
CRM for solar companies
CRM for solar companies
July 5, 2021
Cloud ERP Software

India has a sprawling ERP cloud software market where SMEs are turning to web-based ERP solutions. ERP systems are said to be scalable and mostly grow with the growth of your system. So utilizing ERP software is carrying importance for small businesses, but ensure the increase in the number of ROI during the selection of perfect ERP. However, cloud ERP is a paid tool, and you have to pay monthly subscriptions for it.

Today, large and small businesses need a software solution that can concert the entire process from manufacturing to delivery. So ERP software arrives to provide visibility to small and large companies. In addition, it helps companies to shift to the automated process by providing cloud services.


Cloud ERP Software


1. E-Resource

Eresource is the leading ERP software in the Indian industry. It’s a comprehensive business enterprise that operates by offering companies a complete resource planning system that helps a company follow best practices for multimode manufacturing available on the cloud and site. In addition, it provides you a system that connects the whole hierarchy of your organization.

E source has diverse application and manufacturing and process industries, fleet management, construction, trading, oil and gas industries. The best cloud service company eresource provides an end-to-end solution to clients that uplift their business through technology. It has a wide customer base in the Indian region, the middle east, Africa, and other giants of web-based ERP solutions.



EPPS pro is an effective ERP solution for the organization of all sizes. It gives a solution to the cloud as well as on-premises. One can measure organizational efficiency through it. It enables you to make crucial business decisions with confidence. It ensures harmony and continuity in the organization. So it proposes the best solution to all difficulties that a company may face. It also performs resource management leading to the best utilization of them, and tracks used material.

It benefits you in decision-making and increases your productivity in this way. These better business decisions will be in line with up-to-date data. It improves organizational connectivity by providing a platform for employees to contact over various locations. It adds value to your business by monitoring customer engagement and feedback. Also, ease the process of deployment, implementation, and use of the product.


3. AC Touch

ACtouch is a renowned ERP solution in India that provides an integrated platform for sales, production, stores, accounts, purchase, warehouse, and service development. It’s designed for manufacturing units. It covers different domains of manufacturing like discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, subcontracting, and job work. Moreover, it efficiently manages the inventory and stores.

It enables you to manage your multiple businesses by remaining in a single place. It allows you to keep an eye on cashflows and assist you in making a better decision regarding investing your hard-earned money. ACtouch optimizes the work and makes you get the maximum out of your team. It maintains the supply by having a check on demand and arrival of products. It boosts productivity by reducing wastage.


4. ERP Next

ERP needs no introduction as it is the best-ranked ERP solution in India. A special software with remarkable architecture. It’s a perfect software for manufacturing industries as it tracks the whole process from planning, control to supply. ERP next has a clear edge over others when it comes to modernity and convenience. It’s considered one of the best ERP solutions in the world.

ERP is super easy to use because of its user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to search for any report, forms or modules. In addition, ERP is in one product that will perform additional5- tasks like bug fixing to improve your business.



Tech cloud is another efficient ERP that is well known in India for its innovative strategies. It’s also a web-based ERP product that is suitable for business enterprises of all sizes. With a profound ability to process millions of transactions simultaneously, the Tech cloud is one of the fastest ERPs of all time. It’s there to support your business anytime, 24/7. Tech cloud has a wide customer base, and you can also avail facility free of cost.

Tech cloud is a lightweight solution that is suitable for the vertical industry. It holds a dynamic dashboard that engages the user and well informed graphic user interface that keeps you updated about the latest business stats. Moreover, its customization can allow you to set it according to your business.



Expand ERPO is another best ERP solution for SMEs in India. It integrates various functions on a single platform. It comfortably performs the tasks like a material requirement, planning, proper inventory management and utilization, accounting, weighbridge, order to cash, and GST logistics. Moreover, it has control over your business like CRM.

Expand ERP assists small companies to boost their growth and streamline their business by effective management. Expand ERP is cloud-based which can easily be accessed from anywhere. So if you are naïve in the industry and aspiring to take your company on the permanent trip of progress and growth, switch to Expand ERP and make your dreams come true.


7. Deskera ERP

Dskera is another best ERP solution for SMEs in India. A globally recognized and award-winning ERP software that is suitable for small and medium businesses. It’s a cloud-based ERP service that connects the business to different locations. In addition, it has a line of modules so enterprises can benefit from their modules for their business growth.




Those days are gone when managing business was an arduous task today. The software is available that effectively manages your business and assists you in the growth of your organization. ERP cloud software is such a solution. Cloud-based software enables you to control your business from anywhere and allows you to eye on the company’s stats. They provide an integrated platform for various tasks to be done.





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